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I'm from a small town near Girona, Catalunya. Currently in Zürich, Switzerland. Passionate about computer vision, technology, running, and mountains.

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Maybe you have some old documents with nasty equations written in Word, but now you need to re-use them in LaTeX (maybe for your dissertation), and of course you don’t want to re-type everything. Thankfully, there exists writer2latex that will help you do that. Here are the steps:

  1. writer2latex takes a LibreOffice document as input, so first thing is to download and install LibreOffice, open your Word document (.docx or .doc) and save it as .odt.

  2. Then download and install writer2latex and read the instructions on how to run it. In Unix, for instance, it involved changing the execution permissions of the binary: chmod +x w2l.

  3. Run the code: ./w2l -ultraclean Text.odt Text.tex We use the -ultraclean option to get rid of all formatting, since LaTeX will take care of that. It is probable that the generated .tex won’t compile at first, so I recommend you get the parts you’re interested in by pieces into your final document.

Big kudos to Henrik Just!